K-fed Teachers:NY Times Agrees, Teachers Suck



This could be your public school teacher!

I read an article in the New York Times about teacher quality.  They agree that top academic institutions look “down” upon the profession of teaching.  That is why we have so many “butt face” teachers out there.


I’ll tell you about the 34 year old teacher on my campus that wore baggy jeans, a backwards hat, and spoke in a Kevin Federline drawl.  Not that it matters, but this was a white-guy.  He was trying way too hard to “relate”.


C’mon man!  He would high five kids and act like “one of the bunch”.

He once came into my class during summer school and asked if I could let his “hommie” continue in my English class, even though this kid  had entered the class late, cursed at me, and told me he was ” not going to do any homework”.  Let’s get real man.  The stand in summer school Dean looked up the kid’s record.  He had been kicked out of the school for a violent assault.

Where do they find these brainless teachers?!

CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE AT: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/02/opinion/02engel.html?_r=1

You will see that many teacher need some SCHOOLIN!.


One response to “K-fed Teachers:NY Times Agrees, Teachers Suck

  1. teacher here too, I work with the biggest low-rent idiot “teachers”. a short list explaining this:
    * Not knowing novels are fiction
    *Mississippi runs north/south
    *that century names for example- 16th century means 1500-1599 and not all of the 1600’s(that would be the 17th century).
    *All topics they are lightweights and I saw it in college..no skills in math,language..”ummm,like…ya know”.
    The crap they accept and give an “A” to is insane…at our HS right now the average grade is an “A”, about 79% of all students get an “A” in every class-sigh!
    -looking to exit asap!

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