Spending Money on your Classroom

I find that many teachers do not carefully consider how much they are spending on their classroom and students.  I would not think twice about spending money on projects.  Many times, the administrators and other observers would give great praise to teachers that had elaborate displays set up in their classrooms.  Yes, money can be found through programs like donorschoose.org ( I was very grateful for the set of classroom books and the writing magazine my class received from donations).  However, it was still a given on any campus that I entered, that teachers were expected to pay many out of pocket costs in order to run their classrooms.

Many teacher credit unions offer loans in order to get classroom supplies. Of course they offer these loans to hair-brained teachers.  They are in business to make $$ money.

In title one schools, you could not send home a “list” of items needed for the classroom.  God forbid that momma might have to actually spend $20 preparing her children for an education!

As an English teacher, I would always drop a minimum of 500$ at the beginning of the year to equip the class with enough tissue and pens and pencils to keep things going!  It might sound like a lot of money, but this was just the beginning.  Teachers always try to “outdo” each other by giving pizza parties, ice cream parties, and the like for student success.  It was a regular “thing” for teachers to take students to McDonald’s for lunch at the elementary school I worked at.

When sent to workshops, there was always a crowd of “vendors” on hand.  After listening to the talk, of course you need the books to keep the program running.

TEACHING IS THE BIGGEST SCAM GOING RIGHT NOW!  Run as fast as you can into an administration position or another field if you have brain cells in your head!


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