Teachers and Lunch

lunch-pail-cooler1Teachers fall into two catagories when it comes to eating habits. One is the lunchroom eater and the other is the lone wolf eater.
The cafeteria either buys his or her lunch from the “lunch lady” or brings in an elaborate show for their fellow teachers. One teacher would deliberately bring in steak au poivre or something equally obnoxious, just so she could brag. The other cafeteria eaters would stare at their stale breaded ham and cheese sandwich and cringe a little. I made sure to make an appearance, at least on Fridays, so I didn’t seem like I wasn’t a “social” person.
The lone wolf eaters ate in their classroom. These are people who choke down a snicker bar and diet coke. I personally loved turning on Maury and put my head down on a student desk and shut my eyes. 40 minutes of rest is very valuable and you can slurp down a slimfast in about 3 minutes. That is when the lunch over bell rings and the kids can say…ew…what are you drinking?


One response to “Teachers and Lunch

  1. I eat alone as not to have to hear teacher/union bullshit..plus-a teacher will never clean a dish,fork, microwave,sink or table after making it a slopfest with a frozen dinner or shit that has been left out for hours.

    I hate the teacher’s lounge and the way they bash nice students, parents,their husbands and other teachers and principals that want shit right. Lord, I would stay out of the lounge at all costs.
    and so I do.

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