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Teaching Really Sucks

Is this you?


I am a teacher. I mean I was a teacher.  For over ten years I was “sold” on the idea that I was truly helping society. I was a do-gooder.  A super hero.  Let me tell you teacher—It’s a bunch of baloney.

It is a fact that school districts are recruiting the “C” students from universities.  Oh, so that’s why your co-workers are idiots!  Know many teachers that sit at their desks and read the newspaper?  Play computer solitaire?

Yes. Human resources thinks you (teachers) are “C” students with terrible math skills .  You can’t figure out you are being totally ripped off financially.  Didn’t you wonder why the secretary treats you like crap when you ask for a copy?  She probably earns more money than you!

Do you know it is a fact that in most school districts, a Master’s Degree (average price tag 20,000$) will earn you a whopping $500 per year.  If you are an intelligent human being, you know the math just doesn’t add up.

I got out of teaching and sat on my butt for about six months, just coming down off of the stress associated with the job.  Many young people and older people have dreams of having a class like “To Sir with Love”.  If you haven’t seen this film, rent it now and know that what was “bad” for 1967 is nothing compared to the urban classrooms in the United States today.

I searched on the net to find an outlet for the pain I was suffering and found little information on what I call “teacher abuse” or hostile work environments on campus.

However, I firmly believe that it is a common aspect of many schools nationwide.

Please post or write here if you want to vent, have questions, or want feedback from someone who is brutally honest about the profession.